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Welcome to Thurgood Marshall Elementary School!

Thurgood Marshall Elementary School (TMES), established in 1999, is located in San Diego County and serves a culturally and economically diverse population of 660 Transitional Kindergarten through sixth-grade students. The Chula Vista Elementary School District, with 50 schools, including charters, is California's largest elementary school district. Our diverse population includes Hispanic, Asian, Filipino, White, two or more races, and African American students.

Diversity is celebrated at Marshall Elementary School, and the cultures of our students are incorporated into our instructional curriculum and school-wide activities. A highly visible mural facing our community proudly displays the rich cultural heritage of our students. This mural, created in collaboration with Southwestern College, is updated to reflect the cultures of our newly enrolled students. Our school community values: honesty, integrity, respect, diversity, commitment, perseverance, teamwork, equity, optimism, and creativity. We are a school committed to justice, equality, and human rights in the spirit and ideals of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Unity that focuses on all students' academic and social/emotional development.

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