School Site Council

Functions of a School Site Council (SSC)

Role of SSC Members:

  • Review and monitor the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
  • Oversee categorical and supplemental funds in support of the SPSA
  • Regularly attend SSC meetings
  • Become knowledgeable of state and local educational issues related to assessment, curriculum, and instruction
  • Communicate SSC business internally and externally
  • Review District policies
  • Develop an annual meeting calendar
  • Review bylaws annually

A School Site Council Is Not…

  • A school management body
  • A policy-making body
  • A political organization
  • A personnel committee
  • A grievance committee
  • A fundraising organization
  • An extension of the PTC
  • A social group

Composition of the SSC: Elementary

Any school which has two or more grades in the K-6 grade span:

  • 10 member minimum, if all categories are to be represented
  • One half staff and one half parents/community members
  • Staff includes: Principal, majority of classroom teachers, other staff

Bylaws: SSC Bylaws Updated May 2020

Final Home School Compact SSC Approved 20.21

SSC Meeting Calendar 2020/2021: Proposed Meeting Dates and Times 20.21

September 2021 SSC 9.8.2021

October 2021: SSC October 2021 Section 1 SSC October 2021 Section 2

November 2021: SSC 11.18 Part 1 SSC 11.18 Part 2

December 2021: DRAFT TMES SSC Pages 1.35 12.9.2021 TMES SSC Pages 35.70 12.9.2021

January 2022: SSC 1.27.2022

February 2022: SSC 2.17.2022

April 2022: SSC Meeting 4.28.2022

May 2022: SSC 5.19.2022